About Us

 Mish and Mash is a trading division of The Cotton Textile Company which is a provider of quality and bespoke apparel, accessories and towelling products. Our clients always have fantastic product ideas and sometimes we think, hang on a minute, people would love to get their hands on something like this. So, we make or buy our own and what you see in Mish and Mash is a curation of our favourites. Our client base is diverse and so it follows are the products in our shop; it's a Mish and Mash.
We are passionate about delivering excellent customer service and this combined with our high quality products will leave you feeling nothing but satisfied, in a soft and gooey kind of way, after your shopping experience at Mish and Mash. 
If you are a trade supplier, please visit www.thecottontextilecompany.co.uk for more information or email sales@thecottontextilecompany.co.uk